Standford Hill Prison – Wind Turbines

Project is the installation of two 2.3 megawatt Wind Turbines

  • Client – Partnerships For Renewables (PFR)
  • Client – Matrix Networks Renewables
  • Client – Enercon

Project started on the Enabling works at Standford Hill Prison in October 2012. The works consisted of the excavation, and construction of 5500m2 of access roads, hardstandings and crane bases, installation of 1700m of electrical high voltage and data cable, the construction of a sub-station and switchroom and the supervisory and administrive works associated with the CDM role for Enercon.

Cables being excavated and pulled for the electrical supply works associated with the Wind Turbines. The Turbines were connected to the grid via a 1200m off site trench traversing various surfaces including verges, footways carriageway and a sports field

The access roads were constructed using in excess of 8000 tonne of granular sub-base,compacted in 150mm layers ready for Turbine deliveries and erection.

A 7 tonne roller was used in areas of the crane base to ensure that the required CBR tests achieved adequate compaction to allow erection of the crane

The Crane Pad reinstated to its required status ready for the erection of the Turbine

Turbine being erected by Enercon

Construction of new UKPN High Voltage sub station and customer switch room.

Turbines being delivered past new intake sub station.

Turbine being erected by Enercon

Turbine being erected by Enercon