Oakdale Business Park

Oakdale Business Park – Completed January 2014
Project is the installation of two Repower 2.0 megawatt wind turbines.

  • Client – Partnerships For Renewables (PFR)
  • Client – Matrix Networks Renewables

Project started on the enabling works at Oakdale Business Park in July 2013. The works consisted of the excavation, and construction of 8500m2 of access roads, hardstandings and crane bases, installation of 650m of electrical high voltage and data cable, the construction of a sub-station and switchroom, and the construction of the Repower turbine bases. All works were undertaken with R&D as principal contractor on site.

Turbine base foundation, concrete pour.
Turbine base construction
Construction of 8500m2 of access roads
Foundation for high voltage switch room.
Completed high voltage switch room and palisade fence
Project almost completed
Project completed.