AJN Steel Stock Case Study

relocation of factory & infrastructure

Kentford, Suffolk – Phase 1 & 2 (2006 to May 2012)

AJN Steel Stock moved from their steel stock yard in Bury St Edmunds to the former Paul’s Malt yard located in Kentford, Suffolk in the year of 2006. The existing silo’s etc at their new location were demolished and R & D Construction Ltd were commissioned to construct the new reinforced steel stock area and construct a service/maintenance pit for the new paint/blast machinery.

The works for Phase 1 were completed in April of 2007.

Phase 2 works started in October of 2011 and consisted of the removal of approx. 4500m3 of muck and the concreting of 5700m2 of storage area.

A P330 concrete was used with A393 mesh in the bottom and A252 mesh in the top.

The works were completed in May of 2012 with the storage racks being fitted soon afterwards

AJN Step1

The paint and Blast machinery erected above the bay constructed.


The vibrating Razor back screed/tamping machine in operation.


Applying the brush finish required at AJN.


The completed Phase 1 yard extension at the tie in with existing.

AJN Stage 2

21 tonne machines and dump trucks were used to remove excess muck.


Vibro-piling was used to reinforce the ground due to the existing generally being made up ground.


Drainage was installed which consisted of 300mm concrete pipes, interceptor tank and general 100/150mm drainage.


The concrete bays were 4.8m in width and up to 40m in length with crack inducers etc being cut in after the slab was concreted.

Completed work
Completed work